One Man’s Trash…

We have all heard it said many times, “One man’s trash is another man’s treasure.” Having learned that mantra at an early age, we, like many before us, have followed the path less traveled and joined

Trash Picked Ethan Aleen Bed

Trash Picked Ethan Aleen Bed

the ranks of the trash pickers. Over the years we have found countless treasures, architectural artifacts, and collectibles in the dumps, deserted buildings, and discards of our fellow man. We rejoice in the stories told by fellow pickers of the tools, trinkets, furniture, cast iron skillets, and coveted treasure that they too have found over the years. When’s trash day?!

Architectural, Collectible, Eclectic. is a site that quite simply is designed to connect you to us, and to our ever-changing, eclectic collection of “finds”. We are continually scouring the countryside for neglected, forgotten, and discarded items of interest and value. Our mission is to save, salvage, and recycle 20151031_081449the thing20151106_124402s once wanted, valued, and loved. Rescue and repurpose. From pillars to posts, furniture to fences, windows to wood beams, motorcycles to machinery of industries past…we are always on the look out.

The hardest part is letting go once we find something worth saving. You are the key to completing the cycle. We hope that you may find something of interest, and help breathe new life into the items that we have reclaimed...